About Us

Welcome to SporadiCat, a place where compassion meets innovation and technology. We are more than a 3D print shop; we are a dedicated team on a mission to provide solutions for individuals and businesses, and restore the gift of mobility to small animals through our customizable wheelchairs.

Our journey began with our cherished ferret who struggled with neurological issues and cancer. The loss of his hind legs led us to create a custom wheelchair, marking the birth of our first product - the innovative Skeeter Chair. Today, we're proud to say we've been able to help countless pets reclaim their mobility and joy, as evidenced by our many success stories.

But we're not only about pets. Our expertise in 3D printing extends to custom prototyping and printing for businesses and individuals. Whether you're a startup in need of a prototype, a DIY enthusiast looking for a unique part, or simply someone with a creative idea, we're here to make it a reality. For our local community, we are a reliable and accessible resource for all prototyping needs.

We believe in our products, which is why we offer a fit guarantee on our wheelchairs. If you're not fully satisfied, we'll provide custom replacement parts at no extra charge. We also value our customers' insights and use your feedback to continually refine our designs, ensuring we're always evolving to better serve our clients.

We stand for quality, exceptional service, and community engagement. Each product embodies our dedication to these principles, and we take immense joy in seeing the positive impact they bring. We've seen firsthand how our wheelchairs have transformed pets' lives, and we're equally proud to help local businesses bring their visions to life.

We welcome all ideas and feedback. Let's make a difference in the world together, one 3D print at a time. We invite you to explore our products, reach out with your unique requests, and join us on this journey. Let's empower every pet, every dreamer, every innovator, together.