About Us

We are a 3D Print Shop. We create Sporadimals (animal figures) & Skeeter Chairs (wheelchairs for small animals).

Our 3D printing journey started when one of our ferrets had neurological problems and cancer, causing him to lose the use of his hind legs. We designed him a custom wheelchair and made improvements to the chair based on his needs. This close understanding of the chairs has lead to an innovative and creative design that works very well for most small animals. We are always looking to update and improve our design and would greatly appreciate feedback from those looking to purchase our Skeeter Chairs.

We recently expanded our 3D print shop to include our Sporadimals. The joy that these figurines have brought to people around us has lead us to create distinctively fun designs. We hope our creations will bring a smile to your face.

Each of our creations are unique. We take pride in providing the best service possible. We hope you enjoy our products & please know that all ideas are welcome!